UZH, ZHdK & ETH students and researchers come together to innovate for impact.

If you would like to work in an interdisciplinary team from other universities to learn about innovation whilst also developing ideas for a better future, then join this five-day design sprint workshop co-hosted by UZH, ZHdK and ETH.

Expect to be guided by experienced facilitators, inspired by change-makers and supported with a toolbox for experimentation that will unlock and develop your ideas.  

Sustainability goals

What to expect

Do you want to experience what it’s like to go from idea to prototype in just 5 days? Are you curious about what it’s like to work in a team together with a musician, a data scientist and an economist? Or a designer, an environmental engineer and a medical expert? Are you motivated to create a positive social impact in your field?  

Then we’re looking forward to meeting you!

Deadline may 23, 2021

Expect to work together in teams with students and researchers from UZH, ZHdK and ETH and hone your collaboration and communication skills.  


Five day hybrid workshop format with a mix of expert inputs, peer feedback, coaching and a lot of hands-on  teamwork.


Connect with other students, innovation enablers, changemakers and role models from the startup and impact ecosystem.


The thematic focus of the third edition of the Innovators Camp is on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.


Hybridity is the new normal.

This year’s Innovators Camp is planned as a hybrid event, with both online and offline sessions in Zurich, depending on current restrictions. We’ll inform you about the different locations, virtual rooms and setups when your spot in the camp is confirmed.  

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Our shared vision for Innovators Camp

Dr. Maria Olivares
Head Innovation, UZH
“With Innovators Camp, we have created a place for students to interdisciplinary connect, learn and co-create together and having fun! They will experience, the team is key to drive successfully innovative ideas with impact.“
Dr. Lucie Rejman
Head of ETH Student Project House
“When students with different backgrounds such as design, engineering and other sciences come together, a melting pot is generated where great ideas are born. That’s why the Innovators Camp is unique, and your chance to get to know people from UZH, ZHdK and ETH.”
Philipp Kotsopoulos
Head Z-Kubator, ZHdK
“The Innovators Camp makes you get out of your comfort zone and find out what’s possible when creative minds from various disciplines get together and start collaborating.“

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